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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well I'm back

Sorry about the lack of updating recently folks (if I happen to have any folks left). The dreaded Real Life got to me for awhile. What's that mean? Well, I took 2 weeks of vacation from work and didn't think about politics for awhile.

In good news, the state of the GOP is in much better shape today than when I left you. The grassroots have prevailed in the battle against opening the floodgates to illegal immigration. Al-Zarqawi is dead and Democrats picked that week to start making a bigger deal about running away. Fitzmas was cancelled. Sen. Clinton has been kicked around nicely. Overall, June has been the first net plus month for Republicans since Justice Alito was confirmed.

Unfortunately, Gov. Romney has been somewhat lost for these good weeks. Granted a flood can't hit his state every week to keep the national spotlight on him (I apologize in advance to any hypersentitive soul who takes offense), but he needs to keep his profile up if he wants to continue making inroads. Not that he's been slacking (making trips to several states), he's just not as high profile as he needs to be.

Once again, apologies for the tardiness, I promise to be more vigilant in the future.


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