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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well, President Bush has made things worse.

I've already posted my general thoughts here and I continue to believe much the same. The fact is that we've reached a tipping point and I believe that the members of the House are the only thing that stands between the GOP and a Democrat sweep in November.

The only hope for Republicans is for the whole thing to just go away. A lot of damage has undeniably been done to the party by the president and the RINOs in the Senate (including Sen. McCain giving us reason #5,821 never to allow him to become president). The only damage control we can possibly do at this point is to kill the bill in conference and pray that the Democrats don't gain enough votes in 6 months to push an even worse one through next year.

This whole thing is just maddening because it boils down to pandering politics and it's not even going to work.


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