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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well, that's the big issue of the day. Might as well put in my own $.02 on the subject.

First of all, the Republicans are basically ruining themselves today. They're going to effectively piss off everyone in the country before it's all said and done. They seem hell bent on granting amnesty-by-another-name pissing off 75% of the country that sees the word "illegal" and has the audacity to give it a negative connotation. Meanwhile, the hardliners will do a good job of making sure Hispanic voters are less likely to vote Republican. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants will continue to pour over the borders and no one will say a word about the security threat that opens, the public health issues, or the stress placed on the border states' infrastructure.

Good work guys. Not since you let the budget explode have I been so happy to work towards a Republican government.

What are my solutions? Well, I think it should be obvious:

1. Get a hold of the ****ing borders! Do not do a single thing until you've done so. Build the fence (before anyone mentions Berlin, that was a prison wall and we should all be mature enough to tell the difference between a facist government making sure their citizens stay put and a democratic government enforcing its own borders.

2. Liberalize the immigration process. Yes we need immigrants. We need them from all over the world (Mexicans don't get special treatment). Get the best, hardest working, and most dedicated to assimilating as you can find and bring their butts over here.

And, several years after the first two have become firmly in place and sanity has resumed:

3. Just grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants already here. Why fight it? They're not going anywhere and I'm not particularly interested in calling it something else.

There you go. Situation solved. Unfortunately, it appears that the Senate is set on starting with amnesty and hoping that it somehow helps the problem. Here's hoping that the whole thing falls through and the issue will wait until a president comes into office willing to take the issue seriously *hint*.


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