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Friday, March 24, 2006

Dealing with the Gang of 14

Today Henry Saad withdrew his nomination from the 6th Court of Appeals due to Democrat smearing and Republican neglect.

Many conservatives believe that we won with the Gang of 14 deal that ended the nuclear standoff in the Senate. They are short-sighted fools. We lose one pro-nuke seat in the Senate and Henry Saad's cautionary tale will again become the norm.

We worked hard to give the Republicans the cushion in the Senate that they needed. And they betrayed us in order to appease a group of Democrats that have no compunction against issuing vague and unethical smears and the constant and unfounded accussations of racism that reduced Martha Ann Alito to tears. The reasoning for this unilateral disarmament is that the "comity" of the Senate must be preserved. I must ask: At what price comity? How many more qualified and good people must go through what Judge Pickering suffered? How many more Miguel Estradas? How many more brilliant young conservative minds will just pass on the opportunity because they know Senate Republicans (and the White House) won't defend their honor?

The failure of the Saad nomination rests on the head of one man in particular: Sen. John McCain. Under no circumstances should this man be allowed to become president.


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