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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Condi's Not Running!

The latest person guilty of running with this idea is Fred Barnes. Am I alone in knocking 10 I.Q. points off of anyone who mentions Condeleeza Rice as a potential nominee? She's not going to run. She says she's not going to run. She doesn't have any experience in campaigning. It's just not going to happen.

It reminds me of the SNL skit when McCain hosted.

Russert: "Our issue this Sunday -- a test of will for the president as he weighs invading to Iraq and for the Buffalo Bills as they head to Miami. Joining us, to discuss Iraq -- the next move -- is Senator John McCain of Arizona. Senator, we have ask -- are you considering running again in 2004?"

McCain: "No, I have no plans to run for higher office. The president's doing a fine job."

Russert: "No plans, but you wouldn't say no."

McCain: "Tim, I have no interest in running."

Russert: "You didn't answer my question,

McCain: "What was the question?"

Russert: "Whether you would say no, unequivocally, to running for president of the United States."

McCain: "Tim, I haven't even considered running."

Russert: "What if President Bush does not run?"

McCain: "I don't see any reason..."

Russert: "What if he forgets to run? The president forgets to run for re-election and the Republicans are without a candidate, would John McCain step in to fill that

McCain: "I would call the president and remind him to run."

Russert: "So you're running?"

McCain: "What? No."

Russert: "You're a candidate?"

McCain: "I am not a candidate."

Russert: "John McCain is running for president in 2004."

McCain: "No."

Russert: "2008?"

McCain: "No."

Russert: "2012?"

McCain: "No."

Russert: "2016?"

McCain: "No."

Russert: "2020?"

McCain: "No."

Russert: "Let's talk about 2024."

McCain: "I'll be 90."

Russert: "Alright, hypothetically, genetic engineering has extended the human the lifespan to 200 years. Would a relatively young John McCain challenge a reanimated Jimmy Carter zombie?"

McCain: "Now, President Carter has been a great humanitarian."

Russert: "So John McCain would back down. Are you afraid of Carter eating you?"

McCain: "I don't think that's an accurate..."

Russert: "So you're a candidate?"

McCain: "No."

Can we please stop playing inside-the-beltway games and just cross the lady off the list? Foreign policy (important) and identity politics (not so important) aside, she's not exactly a dream conservative candidate anyway.


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