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Saturday, March 04, 2006

State of the Mitt

Policial Derby rates Gov. Romney in 4th place on the Republican Primary list. National Journal places him in 3rd place. I tend to agree with National Journal. I like Mayor Giuliani a lot, but the man is simply too liberal on social issues to win the Republican nomination in this day and age.

For those not understanding, this is fantastic news. Gov. Romney has already managed to distance himself from the crowd of wannabes and is a legitimate contender with presumed frontrunner Sen. McCain and presumed spoiler Sen. Allen. Once he leaves office, Romney will be free to spend even more time roaming around the country (particularly the primary states) gaining support while McCain and Allen are stuck in the Senate wasting their lives away listening to Sen. Biden. We've seen this strategy work. Gov. Dean went from being that Vermont guy to frontrunner because he was able to focus only on running for president in the year leading up to the primaries.

Granted, Dean imploded, but that's only because he's Howard Dean and had no business in the national spotlight to begin with. Gov. Romney, on the other hand, impresses at every turn and is ready for primetime now.


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