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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Latest Polls

Okay, Fox News has come out with a new poll on the 2008 elections. Time to do some digging.

Rudy Giuliani....29%
John McCain.....22
Newt Gingrich..8
Bill Frist.............5
Mitt Romney....4
George Allen.....3
George Pataki...2

First of all, don't get upset with the 4% number. It's to be expected given Gov. Romney's name recognition at this point in the race. Remember, this time in the last election cycle Sen. Lieberman was way out in front in the Democratic field. Gov. Romney is doing very well up to this point.

Now for the fun part:

Hillary Clinton..43%
Al Gore..............12
John Edwards..11
John Kerry.......10
Joseph Biden....4
Wesley Clark....4
Mark Warner...3
Evan Bayh........2

Once again, mainly name recognition, but Sen. Clinton's advantages are pronounced. Her most dangerous challenger, Gov. Warner, has a lot of ground to make up. His biggest advantage is that he'll be able to campaign throughout 2007. However, I consider Sen. Clinton to be almost a sure bet to get the Democratic nomination. Which is why the next few polls are so much fun.

Hillary Clinton..39%
John McCain.....50

Hillary Clinton..39%
Rudy Giuliani...51

Hillary Clinton..50%
Dick Cheney.....37%

The last poll is interesting. VP Cheney has (unfairly) become the most radioactive politician in this country. It would seem that whatever she would poll against him would be the ceiling of what she could reach. That ceiling appears to be set at exactly 50%. A strong conservative candidate would have no problem dispatching her.

Do not fear Sen. Clinton. We need only run our best candidate against her to retain the White House through 2012.


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