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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Stupid Question

I was having a conversation just now about the Israeli situation in which I suggested that maybe they should all just come to the U.S. where Jews at least don't need to place armed guards in front of their temples. It was pointed out to me that the Jewish vote is usually around 75% Democrat. I didn't mind so much, losing a net 1% of the country to the Dems would be worth it to end the problem. At this point I decided to stop talking to myself and pose a question to those in the audience.

Why do Jews vote so disproportionately Democrat? Off the top of my head I can't think of any major offenses against the religion from the GOP. As a matter of fact it can be said that the strongest support for Israel in the world comes from the Bible Belt. Income and education levels don't support the trend. Maybe there's some regional explanations, but not nearly on this level.

And yet President Bush did almost as well in the gay community after actively campaigning to deny them the ability to marry. It's a mystery to me. Perhaps someone in the peanut gallary can provide an explanation.

Disclaimer: This is an intellectual question on demographics, not a bigoted one. My grandparents were Jewish and left Germany in the 30s when things started looking nasty. Any racist comments will be deleted.


Blogger Jeff Fuller said...


Check out the link above. That column . . . by a conservative Jew (there are about 25% of them) at Townhall.com is part five of a 7 part series called "Explaining Jews." Thought it might help answer your question. (gotta give props to my wife for remembering that column she read a couple of months ago . . . I obviously married really well!)

7/15/2006 11:44 PM  
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