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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rudy to Run

Robert Novak is reporting that he's leaning in favor. It's the first report of that kind that I've seen in awhile and I'd long thought that he probably wouldn't run.

What's this mean? Well, for one thing Giuliani is a man that I greatly respect despite my differing views on his politics. He's the only person I went out to see speek during the 2004 campaign. Even though Sen. Miller had the most memorable speech during the Republican Convention (and I must admit that I'm giggling at the memory of it), Giuliani's speech was, by far, the most elequant and persuasive. Above all this is a man that was born to be the mayor of New York City. He's a bull who can dominate local politics, but I don't think he could effectively govern as president. The Congress would quickly tire of him and his foreign policy is just too blunt (though I still support giving parking tickets to the U.N.).

In a broader sense, he's a potentially dangerous candidate. Out of all the politicians out there, he's the only one that can hold a candle to Gov. Romney as a speaker. He's just as well known as Sen. McCain, and isn't nearly as hated as the base. Plus he hasn't been in Washington so long that he doesn't know which way is up anymore.

My sense is, though, that he would take the most votes away from Sen. McCain. Gov. Romney would not be as affected. The biggest threat would be that he would take up so much face time that Gov. Romney's rise might conceivably stall as the media sets up its McCain vs. Giuliani storyline.

Keep watching this.


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